Rhythms of Unity: Unleash Team Synergy with Drum Circle Pepbox

Discover the power of team synergy with Drum Circle Pepbox. Harmonise teams and boost team camaraderie with our energetic sessions.

Drum Circle

Unique facilitation techniques

Suitable for all your occasions

Skill and profile-neutral experience

Suitable for all age groups

High Energy, High Impact Experience

Customizable for specific outcomes


1000 Participants Drum Circle

Mega Drum Circle Jam

Office Drum Circle

Super Energizer Drum Circle

Conference Mega Drum Circle

Team Building Drum Circle

Body Percussion

Boombastic, Body Percussion

Auditorium Mega Drum Circle



Frequently Asked Questions

Drum Circle Pepbox is headquartered in Mumbai, however, resonating nationwide. We orchestrate unforgettable drum circle experiences in major cities and beyond. Engage with rhythm wherever you are in India!

Drum Circle is a group activity where participants play a type of drum that originates from West Africa, a.k.a. djembe, sometimes along with other percussion instruments together, creating rhythmic harmony and fostering synergy. Our skilled facilitators lead the Drum Circle by providing engaging instructions, facilitating team participation, and guiding the group to create a synchronised rhythm for which no prior skills are required.

The format of the Drum Circle activity can accommodate participants from 10 to 1000+ in numbers, depending upon the desired group size, seating capacity, and duration of the session. The idea is to provide each participant with a small drum, a.k.a. djembe, so that they can be engaged and experience the activity live.

Since the drum circle activity enables the fostering of teamwork and also since the activity uses music as a catalyst, the drum circle activity can be suitable for either social groups or corporate gatherings. To list a few such occasions: team outings, team building, outbound programmes, employee engagement, festivals, anniversaries, weddings or sangeets, conferences, town halls, rewards and recognition programmes, event activations, product launches, ceremonies, parties, public festivals, and many more such occasions.

The commercials for booking a drum circle activity depend on various variables such as the number of participants, location in the country, logistics, facilitation, number of sessions or batches, other miscellaneous overheads, etc. After consideration of the above variables, our team of experts arrives at a cost. Hence, there is no fixed price or package for the Drum Circle and other similar activities. Feel free to get in touch with us for the commercials.

The duration of the drum circle activity depends upon the time the group has at hand and, somewhat on occasion, the setup that is there. We recommend a minimum duration of 30 to 45 minutes for a good experience; however, we can also stretch the same up to an hour or so.

We get the drums, a.k.a., djembes (7 to 8 inches in diameter), for you at the venue of your choice. What we need from you is an appropriate seating arrangement. Another important aspect is that, depending on the number of participants as well as the nature of the venue, certain specific audio technical support is essential, like speakers, mixers, specific microphones, etc. Drum circles can be conducted in closed banquets and ballrooms, in open spaces, on side office premises, and in the groom’s procession at weddings.

Yes, our facilitators curate customised programme designs and deliver the flow covering the given set of objectives. Prior meetings/calls are placed to align with specific objectives, corporate themes, or desired outcomes, ensuring a tailored and impactful experience. However, what we look for is a direct correlation between the objectives and the activity format.

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